Hardwood Stair Refinishing

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Hardwood floors on the Philadelphia Mainline Suburbs look amazing, and you need to ensure that you hire a hardwood floor company that specializes in stairs. Whether you require installation, repair, or refinishing services for your hardwood stairs, make sure you turn to our team of experts. We are completely committed to providing a high level of communication, and we are going to ensure that the job is done in a timely manner. We are experts in wood stair refinishing, repair, and restoration.


Refinishing Stairs

Refinishing wood stairs is important, it effects the overall look and feel of you space. It's important to work with a flooring contractor that follows the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines. We are flooring professionals who have been working on the Mainline and in the Montgomery County, and Delaware County Suburbs for 20+ years. Throughout that time, we have also mastered the art of restoration. As such, your stairs  are going to look as good as new once we are through with them. We also work oncommercial and retail stairs.


New Treads

Sometimes your stairs can be to damaged to repair. If that is the case we can install new treads on your stairs. Our years of experience allows us to install new treads, updating your stairs, with minimal inconvenience. We can match your new treads to your existing floors or update with a new stain and finish.


New Balusters, Banisters or Railings

Any sort of Balusters that you need to have replaced can be handled by our team. We will be able to inspect the current state of them, suggest new designs, and discuss the designs that we are able to provide you with. Our team is thorough through this process and can offer wood or iron railings.


Incredible Appearance

The appearance that you want to have for your stairs can be enhanced by our team, and we are going to be able to match your stairs to your floors, stain your stairs to the color and finish of your choosing, or just clean your stairs to give your home a fresh look. We are through with the work that needs to be done, and we are also going to ensure that we get the work completed without any setbacks or delays. We provide daily communication during your project. We know your home is important, and we are going to ensure that the appearance of the stairs is even better than you could have initially hoped for.

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