Hardwood Floor Cleaning - Buff & Coat

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When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors on the Mainline, you will want to ensure that the work is done properly. We are the company you want to hire to clean your hardwood floors in the Philadelphia suburbs. We can clean your floors and make them look refreshed. We also clean stairsand can replace your railing for an updated look. Mainline Hardwood Floors has 20+ years of experience, and we are also fully committed to completing this work in a timely manner. Hardwood floor cleaning services are simple and straightforward. We remove all the grime, germs and debris and then top your cleaned floor with a fresh coat of finish.


Wood Specific

When you hire our team, we are going to use wood-specific cleaning tactics that are going to be effective and helpful. Then we top with a fresh coat of finish to reseal your floors. We always focus on getting your floors cleaned in the most reliable and efficient way possible. We also focus on enhancing solutions by offering wood-specific cleaning services. For example, we ensure that we use protocols and standards that are fully aligned with your need. Plus we follow the National Wood Flooring Association guidelines. We also ensure that we maintain the integrity of the wood so that it is going to be able to last for many more years to come.



Hiring Mainline Hardwood Floors to clean your wood flooring helps your floors last longer. We are able to pinpoint any issues that might be arising and offer solutions to address them. Plus we coat your floor with a fresh coat of finish, which will help prevent floor wear and tear and extend the life of your floor. Our team is committed to all things flooring. Mitigation is also going to save you a lot of money in the long run because you will not need to replace the floors as quickly.


Buff and Coat

The best way to clean your floor is with a buff and coat. Instead of steaming your floors (water is woods number one enemy) we gently buff your floors, removing the the grime, dust and debris. Then, once your floor is professionally cleaned, we top with a fresh coat of finish, extending the life of your floors. Once your floors are cleaned, and we are done with the buff and coat, your floor is going to look incredible. We are committed to this work because we know that it is helpful and reliable. Also, we will ensure that the work that we offer you is fully aligned with your overall maintenance plan for your property. We know that we are the top-rated team for Mainline area hardwood flooring thanks to our thoroughness and dedication to this work.


Recurring Cleaning

You may want to be able to continually rely on our team for reliable hardwood floor cleaning services. We will ensure that we get the job done for you, and we will also ensure that the recurring cleaning services that you require are properly completed by our team of professionals. We are always going to focus on bringing you high-quality solutions, and we will also ensure that the work that we complete is going to be within the timeframe that you have allotted.

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